We are Eugene and Anke McKernan, an Irish/German couple based in the west of Ireland and we have been making scarves for a very long time. We operate as a family-run business and our designs are sold in select boutiques, concept stores and museum shops throughout Ireland, Europe and North America. When we started our business and wanted to make a living from hand-weaving for ourselves and our three young children, we found that scarves were one of the few products that worked for us. They are practically a narrow piece of fabric and there is no size issue as we had with tablecloths and clothing.Our business developed over the years, and we went through our own industrial revolution by replacing the handlooms with 120-year-old cast iron shuttle looms. Later we added two fine and two mid-gauge knitting machines to the workshop which gave us countless design possibilities.


One of our great joys is working with talented people who come to work every morning with lots of energy, enthusiasm and dedication. Just a couple of them, Gillian and Mark, are born and bred in East Clare. Bonnie comes from the furthest afield: New York City. Asia moved here 13 years ago from Zakopane in Poland, Olan joined us from Baltimore in West Cork, Rachel comes from Sligo. Siobhan lived in London for most of her life, Anya was born in Leeds, Erin in Bristol and Oona in Aberdeen. Mother and daughter Pauline and Catherine come from County Meath but, like most of the others moved to East Clare many years ago. Flora and Anke are German, East and West, and Eugene is a real Dubliner and proud of it.

We warp, wind, beam, tie, weave, knit, unpick, mend, sew, link, wash, label, press. When all is done we pack the scarves and send them out into the world.