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When we design a new scarf, quality comes first.

It is important to us that our scarves are reversible, have a perfect edge and drape well.

But we also want to appeal to the sense of touch by creating sumptuous textures, the visual sense by using harmonious colour combinations and the spirit by dreaming up cheerful patterns.

Yarns and colours have always stimulated our creativity.

Books for inspiration and designing scarves

Having trained as handweavers, our designs are based on a deep understanding of textiles and the knowledge of how structure , colour and yarn interact with each other.

Even after all these years, we still have great fun when shade cards arrive and we get to play with new colour combinations.

It’s just as Bauhaus artist and educator Josef Albers said:
‘Colour is like cooking, the cook puts in more or less salt, that’s the difference.’

Shuttle hattersley domestic looms weaving Ireland


Weaving is a form of construction; it takes creativity, mathematical skill, technical understanding and dexterity to create a good cloth.

Our woven collection is made by using double-sided structures such as plain and basket weave, herringbone, broken and undulating twills and rip weave.

Hattersley domestic loom in East Clare Ireland

These patterns are then woven on carefully restored Hattersley Domestic looms, which, due to their narrow width are ideally suited to weaving scarves .

The 19th-century technology creates a woven selvedge which is a superior finish and a feature reminiscent of handwoven textiles.

Knitting loops Irish scarves McKernan


While weaving on Victorian shuttle looms lead us to emphasize colour and texture in our designs, knitting has
opened a door into a whole new world of creativity.

Our innovative Stoll machines provide us with sophisticated knitting solutions, and allow us to work with structural stitch combinations, as well as lace and jacquard techniques.

Stoll Knitting Machines Ireland Lough Derg

Our knitted designs are created on specialised software, and it takes countless hours of experimentation to develop a new design. It is important to us that we develop reversible patterns, since both sides of a scarf are visible when worn.

The knitting structure can be the same on both sides, but the colour balance will often appear different from one side to the other.

McKernan Tours Lough Derg Tuamgraney

If you are interested to find out more and would like to experience our working mill for yourself, we would be delighted to welcome you in Tuamgraney.